We start our eyelashes service with a free consultation and an allergy test prior to your appointment to discuss your expectations and decide on the lash style, curl, and thickness.

On your appointment day, the lower lashes are covered with a nourishing pad, and the upper ones are prepped for the procedure. Then, each eyelash is isolated, and a lash extension is applied to it. This process is repeated until the full set is complete. A refill session is to be scheduled in 2 weeks and another in 4-6 weeks.

Price List

Service                                                                                         Price

Eyelash Lift                                                                                    75
Eyelash Tint                                                                                   25
Eyelash Lift & Tint                                                                         85
Lite Mink set (40-50 lashes per eye)                                       105
Full Mink set (70-85 lashes per eye)                                        130
Glamour Mink set (90-100 lashes per eye)                             175
Touch up session (0-2 weeks)                                                    55
Fill in session (4-6 weeks)                                                           65
Removal of Eyelash extensions                                                 45

Please note that the above prices do not include GST.

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