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I have been seeing Hanna for over a year now and I feel like she has given me brand new healthy-looking and acne-free skin. She uses natural and organic ingredient to treat skin problems. Hanna has truly saved my skin after I spent years trying out different creams and salons. I feel like I finally have a long-term skincare routine that is natural and customized! Thank you, Hanna!

Olga Ivanova

I've been using the Auracure line for the last 3 years. As someone who's struggled with acne for all my adult life, these products, along with regular treatments have forever changed my skin and helped me feel confident in it, too. I use the Fresh & Pure Facial Cleanser, The Toner, The Soothe & Clear Facial Moisturizer morning and night and The Exfoliant & Mask every few days. I've run out a few times and tried to sub in other products and my skin immediately breaks out - I won't use anything else! These are my holy grail products, and I love that they're made out of natural ingredients while being super fairly priced.

K. Staniscia, November 2022

I absolutely love everything about this place. I have been using Hanaa's facial products for the last couple of years and have found them to be very beneficial. Hanaa is very sincere and down to earth. The atmosphere is great! The products and prices are awesome!

Liz Houle

For the last few years that's my favorite place to take care of my body and mind.

Always ready and always looking forward to put myself into professional and knowledgeable Hanaa's hands.

Went there once and just stuck to her experience, eagerness to give you an advice in beauty matters and solving the problems. With her warm and easygoing personality you can always feel welcome knowing that you will get the best service.

Jolanta Kulig November 2022