Therapeutic Massage, Beauty & More (TMBM) is a centre for Therapeutic, Relaxation, and Other Types of Specialty Massages, Holistic Natural Beauty, and Energy Treatments located in a quiet and beautiful area in downtown Edmonton (10411 122 ST NW).

Our main goal is the wellness of our clients. We tailor our services, procedures and products to their specific needs. TMBM combines high scientific and aesthetic education with extensive experience to provide the best possible holistic service in a friendly, cozy and home-like atmosphere.

Our mission is to provide a high calibre of services in natural and healthy beauty procedures, acupuncture, massage therapy, and energy and soul healing therapies.

* Free Parking is available around the centre

 Our Team


Hanaa Ibrahim, the owner of TMBM, is a Chemist (BSc.) and an Environmentalist (MSc.). She has more than 10 years of experience in medical and scientific research, 5 years of teaching experience in Microbiology and Chemistry laboratories, and 6 years of experience in senior administration in a university setting. Hanaa's also a Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master, Soul Healer, Hot Stone Therapy Practitioner, and a Skin Care/Beauty Specialist. She combines extensive scientific and aesthetic knowledge with broad research experience together with her energy healing techniques to provide the optimal holistic skincare, beauty services using organic, natural products and procedures. Hanaa's number one priority is to provide the best care to all her clients, from the inside out and the outside in. All our products aim at treating and healing the skin and help clients achieve a healthy, beautiful and flawless skin. 

Hanaa is always ready to provide you with the right advice and guidance.


Jonathan Dean is a medically oriented RMT with more than 24 years of experience in Clinical Massage Therapy and has a proven history in treating relevant health issues, including accident injuries. Jonathan is also a Reflexologist and a Hydrotherapist. He also specializes in Lymph Drainage and Fibromyalgia massages.
He is passionate about his profession and mainly focuses on treating people, easing off their pain, and helping them feel better. He has been very successful with his distinctive and caring approach.


Jana Mundt is a new registered massage therapist who really likes being able to help people move and feel better. She specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage to promote healing, relief of pain, stress and injuries. She enjoys working with people to help them improve their lives, and overall well-being. She can also incorporate Reiki with her massage. 

Jana is a cheerful soul!